The gentle Chiropractic Techniques we use at Palmer Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
are Koren Specific Technique (KST) and Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

What is Koren Specific Technique/KST?
KST is a healing protocol used to locate and correct/release areas of blockage, distortion, subluxation, interference, stagnation and other stresses in the body and body/mind that are often missed by most healthcare professionals.

KST is used to improve body function, promote natural healing, release physical and emotional stresses and works well with any healing art.

KST may be used to locate and address areas that need attention such as meridians, acupuncture points, trigger points, energy "cysts", emotional issues, allergies, phobias, addiction, bad habits, toxicity, structural imbalances, visceral stresses, disc problems and much more. Such issues can often be corrected easily and quickly to improve body function.

The ArthroStim and KST
In this office we have taken special training in the use of the ArthroStim, an instrument that gives our hand extended capability to target and control force more specifically to address subluxations, distortions, interferences and/or stress.

These distortions in your body/nervous system interfere with your flow of energy and internal communication and adversely affect body function. Koren Specific Technique (KST) quickly locates subluxations and releases them using the ArthroStim, permitting your body/mind to function at a higher level of efficiency, harmony, communication and health.

The ArthroStim is an extension of our hands. Using it with KST permits us to accomplish better corrections or adjustments in a shorter time. In addition, corrections generally hold longer.

The ArthroStim introduces gentle force into your body at 12-14 "taps" or cycles per second.

No "cracking"
We use KST to correct exactly where you have a subluxation. We specifically adjust those parts of your structural system that are subluxated. There is no pushing, pulling, bending, twisting or “cracking” with KST. Infants and children especially enjoy the gentle vibration of the instrument.

Because of KST's high specificity, we set the ArthroStim to its lightest setting so the least amount of force is introduced. High specificity means there are no "cracking", twisting or large-scale movements of your body. Since we know exactly what needs correction and in which direction, we touch the ArthroStim to the specific area and a light force is all that's needed for a more complete correction.

Network Spinal Analysis

What is Network Spinal Analysis-NSA?
Fast becoming leading-edge body/mind health care, Network Spinal Analysis, or NSA, is an exciting and new development in Chiropractic associated with long-term benefits in health, emotional sate and quality of life. It involves tapping into your body's innate capacity to heal and develop more effective means for optimizing health and wellness. It is a safe, gentle and effective approach for everyone, regardless of age or health. It is believed that in the future this type of health care will play a vital and primary role in the prevention of illness and the optimization of well being.

How Does it Work?
NSA utilizes adjustments or gentle forces over the spine that in turn changes its vibration tone (or oscillation). It is believed that the brain reciprocates by initiating its own similar response. This causes a healthier link between the brain and body. Studies currently underway are showing a 20-30% improvement in brain efficiency, helping position NSA as a leading-edge body/mind discipline.

NSA is an exciting new Chiropractic development benefiting overall quality of life both physically and mentally. For more information on how Network Spinal Analysis can play a vital role in your health care and that of your family and children, please contact us!

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